Hey, I bet you didn’t know this…but by summer of 2020 I hope to achieve my Master level certification as a BBQ judge. Here’s something else you might not know…I’m an extreme weather geek who loves predicting, chasing and reporting on bad weather events—particularly tornadoes. I’ve been a paralegal (A.S. Degree), a park ranger, a medic for an ambulance, I’ve even written a book on waterfowl identification. Yeah, I’ve lived a pretty full life with a variety of experiences.

So, you ask, what does any of this have to do with photography? Not a damn thing! I suppose I could tell you how after finishing college with a Scientific and Technical Communications Degree I became an outdoors writer selling my articles and pictures to various magazines in the industry. Or how about the fact that for over three decades I’ve produced and marketed calendars throughout North America and parts of Europe. Does that impress you?

Jim Braaten

Ha! Look, I’m not trying to impress anyone by sharing this information about me. I’m just a regular person who considers himself blessed to have had a very eclectic background. You should know that I love communicating. I love the visual arts. I love to make new friends and help them get through their storytelling challenges. I’m at a point in life where I don’t need to work so hard…but when there are fun challenges I do get motivated to take them on. After all, that’s probably why I have such a varied background of experiences.

Chances are decent you landed on this website because you’re looking for a competent photographer to help tell your story. I’m not sure whether or not I’m the right person for that task, but unless you give me a chance to get to know more about you we both will never know. You’ve read a bit about me…now, how about I learn more about you. Contact me and let’s get started!