I consider myself quite fortunate. I live on and own a farm that has been in the Braaten Family for over 160 years. When my great-great grandparents, Ole and Ambjørg Braaten, first settled here in late September 1856, they came with $50 cash in their pocket along with an immigrant heart filled with hopeful dreams. Indeed, the dream depended largely upon building a new life by using the fertile loam soil of southeastern Minnesota.

Now, over a century and a half later, agriculture continues to play a vital role in the life-blood of my family’s existence. Today, my fingers are less prone to be calloused by using a camera then they were by shucking corn, but visually telling the farming story in a compelling manner is just as important.

Every farm, as well as every farm business, has a unique story to share with the world. Whether you’re promoting a product or even being an advocate for a rural lifestyle, pictures and video can help bridge the ever-widening gap between producers and consumers. If you can dream it, let me help create that special story you’ll be proud to tell.