Greetings and Welcome!

What you’re seeing is a part of my new year’s resolution for 2020. I thought about shedding some pounds and that idea didn’t seem original enough. I then thought about giving up swearing…and that notion seemed too impossible with the Vikings losing and the Packers progressing deeper into the playoffs. Next, I thought about giving up drinking and that didn’t seem like any fun.

So, I settled on this website with accompanying blog. Now, don’t expect me to post in this new blog too often. I’ve been blogging at other sites ( for over 15 years and with experience I’ve learned they mostly become “occasional” blogs over time. Not an ideal practice when trying to build visitor stats, but hey, that’s often the reality of things.

You can expect in this blog I will talk about photography matters. That’s a shocker, huh? But I also expect to showcase special projects I’m working on and perhaps give you a behind the scenes look at a few of them. Yes, indeed, the blog will likely become my unofficial channel of communications on this site and I do hope you’ll regularly stop by.

Another thing a blog does is give you, the reader, an opportunity to interact with me. Be sure to leave a comment below. Unless you’re a Packers fan…then keep your comments to yourself. Okay?

I have some big plans for 2020 and this is likely the only place you’ll read about many of them. It’s also a way to better get to know me, personally. As you’ll discover I write from the heart and I try to do it with a creative flair. Sometimes it works…and sometimes it misses the mark with little impact. The point is I try and still find a way to have some fun in the process.

One of the big reasons most new year’s resolutions fail is because people get intimidated by making changes in their life. Yet, life can only change when a person becomes more committed to realizing dreams than staying in their comfort zone.

Believe me, what I have planned for this year involves getting way outside my comfort zone in many instances. We’ll see what happens. Why not come along for the ride.

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