As I walked the aisles of the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show back in January 1994, I had a surprise encounter that truly changed the way I thought about life moving forward. There, was John Roskelley, the leading American mountaineer of his generation, autographing his latest book entitled Stories Off The Wall.

In John’s book there were over 200 pages of compelling anecdotes about how this man persevered great obstacles to succeed at climbing the world’s greatest mountains. He offered me a book, personalized and signed it, then handed it to me where I thanked him and moved on.

Later, back in my hotel room, I quickly paged through the book thinking this is all really nice…but I’m just not into mountain climbing. Can’t imagine pushing one’s body to such extremes just to make it to the top. This is likely a book that will make it on my bookshelf and never get opened. Wow…was I wrong.

Never mind the fact the book is loaded with detailed stories and quips of past climbs. What John wrote to me that day in his personal message struck a chord I will never forget. He wrote: “To Jim, Adventures begin with the first step…(signed)” Simple, I know…yet to me the words were very concise and impactful. It pointed out how the difference between a dreamer and a doer depends on sometimes taking a leap of faith to make adventures happen in life.

Here’s hoping you have the motivation needed to move forward on making your next life adventure part of your reality. If I can help in some way, I’m just a phone call away. Now, take that first step to begin making your own travel memories.